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tonyski Fck It Im In
27 year-old male from Dearborn Heights, MI
I am TonySki, Video game and internet addict, recovering Pepsi Max addict, AH Admin, Youtube video maker, Brony and twittererer

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tonyski Fck It Im In
TWC is starting off on a broken foot with me. Against all better judgment I decided to go with Time Warner Cable for my internet provider. 50 Mbps and they're rolling out 300 Mbps to contend with Google Fiber soon for 50 bucks a month. Also they're not AT&T. All I need in my apartment is fast internet because I've still got the Comcast accounts set up for Xfinity On Demand and HBO GO. We've got that set up like my Netflix acct.

So the plan was to leave Michigan on Thursday, July 17th, at night, drive on through to Friday night/Saturday morning and get everything squared away and I'd have TWC come out on Tuesday, July 22nd, to hook up my internet.

Well that Thursday departure turned to Sunday, July 20th, so...
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